Hiccup #1 – Tire Pressure Monitor

Well, our first hiccup is installing the TPM system. Front wheels no problem. Rear duals are another story. No way to get the senders on those valve stems. Sigh.

Guess our options are either forget monitoring the pressure (which really concerns me for duals) or something involving valve stem extensions. One of which would need to be U-shaped? Sigh again.

Guess I should have anticipated this – I sure took enough photos of the prototype Paseo we saw at the Pomona show.

Picking Up Our Paseo

Finally able to catch our breath and make a post!

Wow, quite the day. Spent the night in northern Iowa after a long days drive. With not quite enough sleep, we headed to Lichtsinn to complete the purchase of our Paseo and get our orientation.

Midway through, the snow started for real. We hung around a while until it slowed down, and then headed south.
Coming from a MINI Cooper, my first time driving the Paseo was always going to be interesting, but I hadn’t counted on adding snow-packed roads to the experience!

The Paseo was great though, and we made safely back down south and into mere rain.

Great purchase and delivery experience at Lichtsinn RV.

More updates as we get time to explore the Paseo!