Driving the Paseo – Video #5

Our fifth video is up on YouTube. This one is all about our experiences driving the Paseo. And as a welcome change, Linda gets most of the on-camera time in this one!

I’ll summarize things we like and mention:

  • Acceleration is amazing.
  • Noise level is good, no problem carrying on a conversation.
  • Large windows make it a good way to actually see a lot of the beautiful country we travel through.
  • Nav system works well.
  • Cupholders! So many cupholders!
  • Lane alert is a great feature, especially for those of us new to driving a vehicle of this size.
  • View out the back via the rear-view mirror is actually pretty good.
  • Seats are comfortable.

I’m sure I missed something, so you should still watch the video!  😉

Minor Improvements

We’ve done a few little things here and there.

Clear tape for my beloved Brother labelmaker, and now we have at least a clue as to which switch does what. In hindsight, I probably should have added information as to which ones are bright-off-dim and which ones are on/off.

Originally (as you might notice in one of our videos) I used narrow white background tape. The labels were more legible, but Linda was not happy with the aesthetic, so this is version 2.0.



Small organizer for the medicine cabinet from the Container Store.

Medicine Cabinet organization in process in Paseo
Medicine Cabinet organization


And an added bin that lets us use more of the vertical space. This is a 3M Small Caddy, mounted with Command Strips.

Medicine Cabinet organization in process in Paseo
Medicine Cabinet organization


Monitoring the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer. This was just the right size to wedge between the window frames.
AcuRite Freezer Alarm

Freezer Alarm

San Elijo SB

We spent a few days on the ocean at San Elijo State Beach. For the most part, Muddlin’ Through did a great job of keeping us comfortable. Here’s what we learned.
The rear screen does a nice job of being a slight sunscreen as well as it’s obvious purpose of keeping out bugs. Cut down on the glare quite a bit when the sun was behind us, which it was quite a bit since we had the nice big rear doors facing the ocean.
With a few more showers behind us, we still find it a pretty decent experience. Only real issue is that the drain screen clogs completely and quickly. It is very fine mesh. We need to determine whether or not the pump that moves that water to the grey tank is really that sensitive to lint and such. I suspect this is the same drain and pump used in the Travato G, so hopefully a lot of knowledge can be gleaned from the owners of those models.
The Truma was a champ both for keeping us warm as well as heating water. Still kind of amazed how quiet it is.
Our only real issue was that although in a campground, we were boondocking. No hookups.
Starting Wed early evening through Thur evening ran on batteries and 15 minutes of generator use just fine. That was lights, water pump, fridge, iPhone and Apple watch charging, 30 minutes of TV and DVD player and Truma set to 65 overnight with outside temps dipping down in lower 50s. A bit of sunshine during the day, but not much. Thursday evening we were down to 12.2V.
We ran the generator for about 25 minutes to charge some laptops (overkill, I know) and put a bit of energy back into the batteries. Friday morning we were down to 12.1V, which is 0.1V less than I’d like to dip down to.
So what this tells me is that for boondocking in the less sunny times of year, we are going to need to run the generator more than we did (maybe 40 minutes from Wed afternoon until Friday morning), or add more solar. And this was modest use of the 12V in my opinion. Will be worse when we use an inverter to keep laptops charged.
Sadly, don’t have our battery monitor installed yet so just going by battery voltage, not actually able to monitor amps in and out.
Converting the table to a bed is never going to be fun, and we certainly noticed that it was some effort each day. But still a reasonable tradeoff for allowing a nice large seating area in a B that also has a huge fridge, and a decent sized bathroom.
That large table has been great, and sitting there eating meals with an ocean view out the rear of the Paseo was nice. Good view with doors closed and a fantastic view with them open!
Yeah, we could have eaten on the grungy picnic table, or in folding chairs and a small portable table outside. But since it’s still a little cool out, being somewhat inside with a view almost like we were outside worked great.
And the park itself is nice – fantastic ocean views. Most spots don’t have hookups, but that’s a reasonable tradeoff for the location. Short walk to Bull Taco there in the park, and if you walk inland a bit you have access to a bunch of places to eat in Cardiff by the Sea. VG Donut is the best, and you can get great food at the Seaside Market and bring it back to camp.

The Bed Video

Second video is up, this one is all about sleeping in the bed.

I don’t want to scare people off – we actually do like the bed quite a bit.

The only reasons I see to be concerned is if you are much over 5’10” or if two people are sleeping in that bed and both need to get up during the night.

In the first case the question becomes can you sleep at an angle, which might be a problem if you have a partner, might not. If they are shorter, could work. Or if you just like being cozy.

For the second case you’d need to assess just how difficult it is for one person to crawl over. Or just how much the outside sleeper dislikes having to get up to let the second person out, which might need to happen depending on the agility of the sleepers.

For us, the bed has worked well, even with a 50 pound dog curled up at our feet!

Our First Actual Trip

We had our first outing this weekend where we picked up Muddlin’ Through from storage and went to an RV park for the night.
(Previous use had been camping in relative’s driveways or Cracker Barrel boondocking as we stopped for the night on our cross-country trip.)

As expected, things were much roomier without our adult son and all of the holiday gear (presents etc.) that we had with us on our cross-country trek.

We used a lot of the time to organize things in the RV. Still a ways to go, but progress! Although we still don’t have everything in the RV yet that we will have eventually, we are still pleased by how much storage space remains.

I took my first shower! It went well. I had plenty of room. The bathroom felt smaller than our walk-in shower at home of course, but did not feel cramped. Didn’t hit elbows on anything, and didn’t need to do any awkward contortions or poses. The Truma provided plenty of hot water for the single shower, which was all we tried.
Bottom line is that bathroom worked as well as we’d hoped it would for showering. Our love for the Truma continues to grow.

We experimented more with the best way to use the bed (as regards *sleeping*) and will have a video that gives a lot of those details in the very near future.

Linda was dismayed to discover that one of the windows on the passenger side is crooked. By window we of course don’t mean the precise Ford glass, but the cutout and frame that WGO builds. It’s not a functional issue, but for anyone with a bit of “that crooked picture on the wall must be straightened!” in them, it’s annoying. We knew going in to the Paseo not to necessarily expect the craftsmanship that companies like Pleasure Way or Leisure Travel promise, but this seems like something that should not require any particular cabinetry crafting skills to have gotten right.

Convection microwave worked great, although so far that’s just been used for reheating pizza and making microwave popcorn.

We may have an issue with our awning – I need to do more research before worrying. Trying to extend it the motor runs but nothing moves (much). A cycle or two of retract/extend resulted in it working properly each time, but something is amiss.

I also investigated the best way to connect an XBox 360 to the Receiver and TV. Since upgrading to an Xbox One, my 360 has been gathering dust, so I decided to see if it makes any sense as a game system for the RV. Time will tell if it gets any use, and if not out it will go!
HDMI won’t work if you want to use the Jensen amp and speakers for game audio as the audio from the TV is fed back to the Jensen amp via HDMI. What worked ok was to use the Xbox analog video cable and connect audio to the inputs on the shelf next to the Jensen receiver and connect the Xbox component cable to the component jacks on the TV itself. You _can_ do composite to the shelf jacks, but the video quality will obviously suffer.

We continue to love the refrigerator/freezer in the Paseo. We brought cold items in a cooler along with two small blue-ice bricks. Items included a half-gallon of milk, a quart of lemonade, a few slices of frozen leftover pizza and a small container of frozen pulled pork. Fridge took about 1:30 to get close to the desired temperature, maybe a little longer. I failed to watch the temps and the time as closely as I’d like to have, and didn’t set up a temperature logger. I’ll try to get better performance data next time. Both fridge and freezer were nice and cold, and we had plenty of room. Can’t imagine needing more room unless we were needing to go a week or more without replenishing.