My Wife is a Fan Fan

One thing my wife really likes is a fan to keep air moving, both at home as well as in our Paseo.

Our first fan attempt was a cheap ~$15 fan that plugged in to a 12V power point. It worked, but was noisy and didn’t really mount well. Also, one speed.

So last weekend we got serious. Spent real money for a Caframo Bora 12V Marine 3 Speed Fan. If you are on a nice sailboat and see fans, it’s a decent chance it’s one of these.

The spot above the TV was just big enough. Does not block anything of importance, I can still access the cabinet and the Jensen just fine. I was able to run the wiring down and into the hole used to route the TV wiring out of the cabinetry. From there it was an easy run to the 12V fuse panel.

One thing to note – if you decide you want heftier screws than the ones it comes with, you might run into the problem I found. If the screw is slightly too long and you place the mounting point as close to the corner as I did, the screw will hit the metal framing inside the cabinetry and not just protrude a bit inside. I think you could go a little longer than the ones that come with the fan, but keep that in mind. I’ll update this post if the screws it comes with prove inadequate over time.

So now we have a nice multi-speed permanent fan for the table and bed.

Author: Don Meyer

An average guy trapped on the surface of a sphere who enjoys SF, programming, sailing, Legos, and many other nerdy pursuits.

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