A Few Things Breaking

Been a rough trip for us failure-wise!

The glass door falling out issue finally bit us. The outer pane came out of the track. Inner pane stayed put.

All the fasteners are still in place, and the glass looks to be firmly held when in the forward closed position. More gap aft, so when it vibrated open as we travelled, it apparently had enough clearance to fall out.

Need to brace the lower track up just a bit to prevent this from happening again.

Second issue, more serious is our bathroom sink. Two of the four rivets, the two on the left came loose. Sink is now unusable. Good thing we have one in the galley! 🙂

Hoping I still have my pop rivet tool somewhere, and time to visit the hardware store to but some rivets.

And last but certainly least, both entertainment system remotes fell off their velcro mounting points on the wall. Guess it got hot enough for the adhesive to fail on the remote part of the strips. Now we have two remotes with sticky patches on their backs.

Oh well, have decided that is the perfect location to mount small fan anyway!

Author: Don Meyer

An average guy trapped on the surface of a sphere who enjoys SF, programming, sailing, Legos, and many other nerdy pursuits.

2 thoughts on “A Few Things Breaking”

    1. I think RVs are held to a different, and lower standard. Compared to the stories we’ve heard from other people, our experience has been wonderful!
      (and you hear these stories about every manufacturer, not just Winnebago)

      RVs are very hand crafted compared to something like an automobile, and their sales numbers probably limit the amount of engineering and testing that cN be done for each model. So they are expensive, but still pretty primitive compared to automobiles.
      The industry isn’t helped by the fact that many (most?) states don’t apply their automotive Lemon Laws to RVs.


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