Curtains and Warm Fridges


Some follow-up on previous posts

Ordered the new door for the dump hose storage tube from Arrived quickly, and was easy to install. So no more need for the zip-ties!
Actually I ordered two just in case…

Our One-Place display that had decided we had 4 waste water tanks is now fixed. Did a reset by holding all three lower buttons down for a few seconds until it went into what appears to be a setup mode. One option was “reset”, so with some small trepidation I made that choice. Now back to thinking we have 2 tanks.

New Stuff

Curtains for Privacy

One feature that is a fair amount of effort to set up and take down is the folding privacy panels that get placed in the cab on the inside of the windshield and the side windows.
They do a nice job of adding privacy and a bit of thermal insulation, but the installation and removal makes them less than ideal, especially for a brief stay. And we have to unstick our TPM from the windshield.
We purchased a small tension-style curtain rod and place it between the forward wall-edge for the bathroom and the area by the side door. (picture below)
We are pretty happy with the small curtain rod. (38.5″) We still need to get actual curtains, so in the interim we have used a couple of the beach towels we carry. They have worked great!
(Ok, one incident where it fell down about 5:00am, but I take the blame for that – the towels are heavy compared to actual curtains and I didn’t use quite enough tension.)
While this does not give us privacy for the cab, it works great for the rest of the RV. If one of us was using the passenger seat swiveled for the small desk, they would have to be removed, but in that could be done temporarily quite easily.


Hot Weather and the Fridge

One thing I’m noticing that concerns me is the rise in the temperature of our refrigerator and freezer when it is hot and sunny and the inside of the RV is hot also due to us being absent and the rig closed up.

On a sunny 84 degree day we were gone for the morning and most of the afternoon. When we got back the inside temperature was 97 degrees. We did have the rear windows open and the Maxx-Fan at 30%. Maybe that needs to be a little higher?

The fridge is normally about 35 degrees and the freezer around 5. However, after heat-soaking all day the fridge was 47 degrees and the freezer was 14 degrees.

I’m ok with that freezer temperature, but the fridge was 10 degrees higher than I’d like it to ever be.

One thing I noticed was that since WGO keeps the stock windows, there is a window behind the cabinetry the fridge/freezer is in. Between the window and the cabinet back is a few inches of open space. This acts as a nice little greenhouse on sunny days. I wish WGO had filled that space with insulation. It’s pretty hard to access now, but I’m pondering filling it with something.

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