Mods and Fixes

Today we visited Muddlin’ Through to fix a few things.

Item one was our rusting ladder bracket. This bracket looked to be defective from the factory. When we picked up our Paseo Linda noticed some rust on it. We mentioned it to the Lichtsinn folks, but never had any follow up. I contacted them a while back about that and a few other missing/defective parts and the replacement bracket arrived several weeks back.

So, off with the old one, which was incredibly rusty in many places. Removing this we discovered a bit of hopefully inconsequential damage to the rear door where the bracket tabs (with no rubber padding by the way) had removed some material from the inside door lip.

Then the unpleasant discovery that to make the bracket fit, the screw hole had been drilled out a bit. That hole is already slotted, but not enough for where the captive nut was installed on the door. So that job had to wait until I could modify the new bracket.



On to the second job – installing the magnets that help keep the side cushions in place. Apparently the very first batch didn’t have these installed. Our cushions have the tabs with their magnets, but their mates are missing from the wall.

The screws I had bought were too long (I overestimated the thickness of both the magnets and the wall). So there was the second job also unable to be completed.

We slunk home in defeat.

Oh, we also noticed that our One Place display had decided we have 4 waste tanks instead of two.


Author: Don Meyer

An average guy trapped on the surface of a sphere who enjoys SF, programming, sailing, Legos, and many other nerdy pursuits.

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