The Bed Video

Second video is up, this one is all about sleeping in the bed.

I don’t want to scare people off – we actually do like the bed quite a bit.

The only reasons I see to be concerned is if you are much over 5’10” or if two people are sleeping in that bed and both need to get up during the night.

In the first case the question becomes can you sleep at an angle, which might be a problem if you have a partner, might not. If they are shorter, could work. Or if you just like being cozy.

For the second case you’d need to assess just how difficult it is for one person to crawl over. Or just how much the outside sleeper dislikes having to get up to let the second person out, which might need to happen depending on the agility of the sleepers.

For us, the bed has worked well, even with a 50 pound dog curled up at our feet!

Author: Don Meyer

An average guy trapped on the surface of a sphere who enjoys SF, programming, sailing, Legos, and many other nerdy pursuits.

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