Quality Issues

In general, we’ve been really impressed with the quality of our Paseo. There have been a few issues though, and since we point out all the good, it’s only fair we mention the bad as well. Winnebago has been made aware of these, and where we’ve gotten a response already it’s noted.

Wiring harness under the coach for the running board lights has a clamp that was never fastened to anything. Frustrating because it looks like even a cursory bit of inspection of the undercarriage would have spotted this. This left a harness hanging down.

Kitchen sink spout not tightened. This resulted in a blast of water all over Linda and a mess on the cabinet and floor. On the other hand, we were impressed by the force and volume of water the pump appears to be capable of!

A couple light scratches on the corrugated panels of the fridge and freezer. Not extreme, but noticeable. This also makes me a little concerned about how easily it will accumulate scratches. [WGO offered to replace]

Missing filler/structure between two of the windows. Between the opening window on the passenger side and the window forward of that one there should be something between the interior panel that holds the window frame with the screen and the one without a screen. This is hard to describe, but the summary is that something is missing and bugs can happily enter the coach via an adjacent window even with the screen in place. Think this is actually a structural piece missing (versus say foam) as this panel vibrates excessively due to the long in attached span of the interior panel.

Some chips out of the paint on the ladder bracket, bit of rust starting already. [WGO will replace]

Minor “bubbling” of the flooring on the hatch under the table. [WGO offered to replace]

Ground wire for the solar charge controller connected to passenger side battery rather than driver’s side as shown on drawings. This is an issue because it makes adding a battery monitor more difficult. [WGO investigating why this was deviated, and potentially correcting their process.]

Author: Don Meyer

An average guy trapped on the surface of a sphere who enjoys SF, programming, sailing, Legos, and many other nerdy pursuits.

2 thoughts on “Quality Issues”

  1. I wondered what happened with your awning. We have a 2017 Paseo and have had to “tug” on our awning to get it started almost every time. Wondered if there was a simple fix you’ve found.


    1. Hi Lisa. We haven’t personally found a solution, but we haven’t tried much – been busy doing other things. Some poeple on the Paseo Facebook group have tried things like adding a small plastic bumper at the middle lower edge of the awning.

      Seems to have helped, but that’s based on their reporting – we have’t tried it ourselves.


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