Thoughts on a Few Issues

Here are a few minor issues we’ve come across, or thought about.
I know it’s to make it easy to turn on and off from outside the door, but the coach battery disconnect switch at floor level is annoying. Already been turned off once by either shoes or a dog. Contemplating something like a small mesh basket to protect it. (Yeah, not really a Paseo-specific issue.)

The driver’s side aft side window has a weird black paint mask that covers a little under a third of it. This is how the Transit comes from Ford, but it would be nice if WGO could get this modified? Debating attacking it with a paint scraper.

There is a gap between the running board and the van step that is the perfect size to trap our dog’s hind legs. She got caught in that exiting and I was really afraid she was going to break her leg. We are sort of guiding/helping her in and out at this point. Plan is to investigate a mat or some sort of “plug” we can place in that gap when dogs are using the side door. Not a design flaw – that gap is reasonable. Just an issue with some dogs perhaps.

The sliding door on ours seems harder to close than I remember from the one at the Pomona show. (I could be wrong about this) I think a handle was added at the top of the door, which is really helpful. Might have been on that unit, I can’t be certain. But either way, a nice thing to have. Also, not really a WGO issue of course!

It’s nice that WGO provided *some* way to secure the tabletop if it’s not needed as a table or a bed base. However, the strap used to hold it to the driver’s side of the lounge area does not inspire confidence. Also, the tabletop is able to slide and impact the TV when braking. Some way to secure it against acceleration and deceleration would be good.

Author: Don Meyer

An average guy trapped on the surface of a sphere who enjoys SF, programming, sailing, Legos, and many other nerdy pursuits.

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