More Thoughts

More miscellaneous thoughts about the Paseo.

The storage box under the passenger side bench meant for the table support post has more space than the post takes up. Going to find additional stuff to store there. Maybe tools in a roll-up style soft pouch?

So I just discovered that you can’t use the ladder on the passenger side. I’d just assumed that the ladder could be used on both sides. Turns out the way that side of the roof rack attaches to the awning prevents it. To be fair, I don’t recall anyone from WGO saying it would work on that side, and I never actually asked.

Fitted queen-size sheets work ok for the bed. A little loose, but we’ve had no real problems with them coming loose easily. We have not tried full-size sheets, but our guess is they would be harder to put on.



This trashcan fits really nicely under the sink. At the moment we have two of them, one for recycling. That may be overkill.   Nifty Trashcan

We have a couple of these bins (one wide, one narrow) in the lower level of the freezer. Works pretty well to avoid the need to get down on the floor to see in to the back of the freezer  Freezer Bins


In my opinion, Ford/WGO really should equip the Paseo with a Tire Pressure Monitor as a standard feature. Or at least a factory option. Not having one for dual wheels seems dangerous to me. We added one, but that process was far from pleasant
(including a trip to the tire store) since the valve stems are quite inaccessible when it comes to external TPM senders or even non-extended air hose chucks. This will be the topic on its own post in the near future.

The cab privacy shades are well made and clever. This does not prevent them from being a pretty mediocre solution. They are a real hassle to install and remove. Just awkward. And they take up a lot of room when stored.

The seat cushions in the lounge steadily slide out away from the wall if you are sitting in the back while traveling. (And perhaps when just sitting and shifting around as well – have not done much of that so far.) Something involving Velcro or a non-skid bench surface maybe? We’re trying that non-skid mesh stuff and it seems to help a bit.

We traveled and slept in some pretty cold weather. Down to the 20+ degree range at least one of the nights. Our waste tanks were not overly full, and we only used the heaters for a bit when driving through some temps in the teens. Don’t think we had any freezing issues. And the Truma did a nice job of keeping us warm. The insulation in the walls by the bed worked well also – even with our heads and feet basically against those surfaces they were not cold. We are quite pleased with the Paseo’s cold-weather performance!

Author: Don Meyer

An average guy trapped on the surface of a sphere who enjoys SF, programming, sailing, Legos, and many other nerdy pursuits.

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