Original Feature and Comparison List

When we were looking at which RV to buy, I made a list of features that I cared about for the Paseo. Mostly positives, and a few negatives.I also noted where the Paseo differs from the Travato since we looked at that model pretty seriously as well. They are very much in the same family.

This list is items we cared about, it was not meant to be an objective comprehensive review or comparison.
I’m posting it as-is because I think it will be interesting to see what items we missed or were wrong about as we get real Paseo experience. I’ve added some discussion at the bottom about things we already have further thoughts on.

“**” denotes comparison with Travato

Good Features

  • Large compressor-based two-door fridge/freezer **
  • Truma Combi
  • Roof Rack (option)
  • Good ladder (option)
  • Centralized controls
  • Integrated shades **
  • Laptop table for passenger seat
  • Turbo (mountains) **
  •      – 310hp @ 5,500 rpm (280 Travato)
  •      – 400 lb.-ft. @ 2500 rpm (260 Travato)
  • Armless awning
  • External solar-panel connector
  • Heated drainage (option)
  • Flat bathroom floor (Composting toilet?) **
  • Full length running board on passenger side
  • Lights have two brightness levels (most of them)
  • Galley cold water filter
  • Separate shower control
  • Nice view out the back with doors closed, awesome view when the doors are open! **
  • Good screens for side and rear doors **?
  • 250A Alternator (versus 180A in Travato) **
  • Racetrack lighting (less shadows) **
  • Large table (Deeper than K, think deeper than G?) **
  • Seatbelts (** versus K)


  • Small TV, no HDMI input?
  • DVD not Blu-Ray
  • Side windows don’t open very wide **
  • No Inverter
  • Opening the sliding door with the small screen in place will become a real pain I suspect.
  • Bed a bit short
  • No TPM **


Thoughts with some real experience:

Racetrack lighting works as expected – the light in the Paseo is bright and uniform, yet looking at the lights themselves is not blinding since it’s so evenly distributed.

The TV *does* have an HDMI input, missed that when we first looked at it.

The small screen that covers the side-door handle was attached with Velcro on the one we saw in Pomona. It’s been replaced with a nice little slider on our production unit. Still makes opening the side door when using the screens a two-step process, but a much easier one I expect.

Lack of TPM (Tire Pressure Monitor) has indeed been a pain. We’ve added an aftermarket unit but it’s been an expense and effort.

The quiet operation and ability to run on 120V has validated our desire for the Truma Combi.
More thoughts as the adventure progresses!

Author: Don Meyer

An average guy trapped on the surface of a sphere who enjoys SF, programming, sailing, Legos, and many other nerdy pursuits.

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