Sleeping – A Few More Thoughts

A couple more thoughts that come to mind about sleeping in the Paseo.

The Truma is super quiet. We literally could not hear it turn on or off. (Note this was one electric only, so the gas heat might be a bit louder but from what I’ve heard that’s quiet as well.)You can hear the Norcold fridge when it runs, but is is very subtle. Sound like water flowing/swirling but would not wake you or even keep you awake. It is just barely perceptible even though very close to the bed.

I know some of the Travato folks have mentioned hearing a buzz from the Transfer Switch. I don’t hear any noise from ours.
USB charger outlets are well located – the one on the side of the galley counter is in the right spot to charge phones and keep them handy on the gallery counter (or extension) serving as a nightstand.

Jensen stereo is located in a nice location to serve as a clock, you can see it just fine from the bed.

If you turn on the water pump, you *will* wake the person sleeping directly above it when it cycles! đŸ™‚

Author: Don Meyer

An average guy trapped on the surface of a sphere who enjoys SF, programming, sailing, Legos, and many other nerdy pursuits.

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