First Night

Night #1 in our Paseo: Accomplished.

An interesting adventure, but mostly a success!

Putting the bed together wasn’t bad. Fitted queen sheet worked pretty well.

The hardest thing was putting the privacy shades in the front windows of the Transit cab. Once you get them in place they fit pretty well, but getting to that state is like wrestling with a small ironing board in a phonebooth. I assume that like some other manufacturers, Ford does not allow cab modifications. Some sort of curtains or sliding shades would be much nicer.

The curtains for the rear doors went on pretty easily. The sliding shades for the other windows were of course easy as well, and did a good job of blocking the windows.

The bed itself was fairly comfortable. Certainly on the firm side, but fine in our opinion. My weight is in the 190lb range, which I mention since weight and perceived mattress firmness interact. (bed preferences vary, so of course YMMV).

Now the big question – the length of the bed since you sleep crosswise. I’m 5’10” and was able to lay perfectly crosswise with my head lightly touching the “headboard” (padded) and my feet lightly touching the other wall. In this position my feet were at a 90 degree angle to the bed (toes pointed straight up). If I went to a bit of an angle, as caused by perhaps a 50lb dog curled up in the corner of the bed, there was even a bit more room.

It was fairly cold during the night – slightly below freezing with a pretty good amount of wind. Side insulation seemed to work well, so heads and toes were fine. A bit colder by the rear doors. Not sure if that’s due to less insulation or slight air leaks or even just being further away from the heat. Not unendurable by any means.

Taking the bed apart in the morning was quick and easy.

We did have two odd things happen in the night. At midnight, as I was laying there reading, I suddenly heard a hissing sound. Looked up and the Jensen DVD/Receiver had turned itself on. Might be something I set when setting the clock? I doubt it, but maybe. Or something triggered via Bluetooth from my paired iPhone.

And then there is the Truma. Quiet, efficient, and easy to use. Until I woke up about 3:00am and noticed it seemed a bit cold. Checked the settings and it was set to… off!
Heat source which had been EL2 was now back to the default gas as well. Really odd. Pretty confident this was *not* something I caused. And this had not happened in the previous few days when the Paseo was heated but mostly unoccupied. Or if it did do that in the middle of the night, it corrected itself by morning.

Between the Jensen illuminated clock and the blue LEDs on the USB charging ports, there was a nice night-light effect.

So all-in-all a pretty successful first night. Just enough odd stuff to make it interesting. 🙂

Author: Don Meyer

An average guy trapped on the surface of a sphere who enjoys SF, programming, sailing, Legos, and many other nerdy pursuits.

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