Picking Up Our Paseo

Finally able to catch our breath and make a post!

Wow, quite the day. Spent the night in northern Iowa after a long days drive. With not quite enough sleep, we headed to Lichtsinn to complete the purchase of our Paseo and get our orientation.

Midway through, the snow started for real. We hung around a while until it slowed down, and then headed south.
Coming from a MINI Cooper, my first time driving the Paseo was always going to be interesting, but I hadn’t counted on adding snow-packed roads to the experience!

The Paseo was great though, and we made safely back down south and into mere rain.

Great purchase and delivery experience at Lichtsinn RV.

More updates as we get time to explore the Paseo!

Author: Don Meyer

An average guy trapped on the surface of a sphere who enjoys SF, programming, sailing, Legos, and many other nerdy pursuits.

3 thoughts on “Picking Up Our Paseo”

    1. We tend to drive it fast – probably too fast where fuel economy is concerned. We are usually at or slightly above the speed limits of at least 65 MPH and often higher. We also have a heavy foot and accelerate with a lot of what the Paseo is capable of. (which is impressive!)
      All this combines to give us about 14 MPG. Other Paseo owners are reporting better mileage due to lower speeds and more conservative acceleration.

      The top of the Paseo is pretty “dirty” with the roof rack, AC, and solar. I think this means MPG will be very impacted by speed and wind resistance.


      1. We are looking at the coachmen crossfit.
        Both units don’t really show any windshield cover.
        Please do a video on windshield cover.
        Thanks Russ


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